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Joint cooperation project DynAMics with Technical University Chemnitz

Since May 2023, IfU Diagnostic Systems GmbH has been working together with Chemnitz University of Technology as part of the ESF Plus 2021-2027 MINT Skills Programme in the project "DynAMics - Dynamic module for characterising the laser melting process by measuring the emitted radiation of the solidification zone".

The project focuses on the selective laser melting process (SLM), which makes it possible to manufacture highly complex components that cannot be produced by conventional machining processes. A fine powder layer with a thickness of only 30-60μm is applied to a building platform and then selectively welded by a laser beam.

This can cause incomplete connections to the substrate (defects). To detect these and other disturbance variables, insitu characterisation is offered by many manufacturers of beam melting systems (including IfU). The measuring principle usually consists of recording the emissions of the liquid melt bath with the help of photodiodes in the beam path of the laser and linking them to position data of the laser scanner. Small disturbances with a diameter of 20-50μm are completely outshone by the rest of the molten pool.

The DynAMics project intends to explore a new measurement principle with associated data processing that analyses the cooling process during solidification. Instead of photodiodes, CMOS sensors are to be used for this purpose, which represent not only a single pixel, but an entire field. By masking out the hot zone, it should be possible for the first time to identify the actual problem areas and derive pore sizes. With the further development of the available camera and computing technology, an increase in the detail resolution is possible, making the system to be developed future-proof.


5. International Workshop "Diagnostic systems for process monitoring"

On 28 September 2022, the international workshop - "Diagnostic Systems for Process Monitoring" took place in the historic inn "RÄUBERSCHÄNKE" in Oederan/Saxony.

A total of 17 people from industry and research took part. In five interesting lectures on the topics of plasma diagnostics, process monitoring/process control and optical measuring methods from industry and research, the current state of research was presented and an outlook on future developments was given. In the future, the workshop will take place every two years.

We would like to thank all speakers for their valuable contribution.


In June 2021, the annual career orientation campaign “Open Company Week” took place. We, the IfU Diagnostic Systems GmbH, were there again as a training company. We offered all schoolchildren the opportunity to take a tour of the company to gain an insight into the professions of clerk for office management and electronics engineer for devices and systems. Questions about the two job profiles could be asked, which we were happy to answer in this context.

4. International Workshop "Diagnostic systems for process monitoring"

As part of the VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH funded research project PoC-BoSens, the international workshop - "Diagnostic systems for process monitoring" took place on October 14, 2020 in the historic inn "RÄUBERSCHÄNKE" in Oederan/Saxony.

A total of 24 people from industry and research took part in the workshop. In 9 interesting lectures on the subjects of plasma diagnostics, process monitoring / process control and optical measurement methods from industry and research, the current state of research was presented and an outlook on future developments was given.

After the long contact restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, the event was successfully carried out while maintaining a hygiene concept. Existing personal contacts could be maintained and new contacts made. Ideas for new developments and projects were exchanged. The participants found the event with a high level of content to be very productive and are looking forward to a new edition of the workshop.

We thank all speakers for their valuable contributions, as well as the BMBF and the VDI Technologiezentrum for supporting the workshop.

Swen Marke (Head of Research and Development)
René Dittrich (Managing Director)

10 years membership in DVS

On the occasion of the 10-year membership of the IfU Diagnostic Systems GmbH in the German Association for Welding and Allied Processes (DVS) visited us on 29.11.2019 Mr. Thomas Schubert DVS district association Chemnitz. He is the director of public relations and handed over a certificate for the anniversary in this function. We are pleased about this honor and hope for a trusting and fruitful cooperation in the coming years.

Picture right: Handover of the certificate by Mr. Thomas Schubert, head of public relations in the district association Chemnitz (right) to the two managing directors Mr. Jürgen Schiller (left) and Mr. René Dittrich (middle).

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

Quality and quality assurance are of outstanding importance for modern and internationally interlinked work processes. We face this challenge on a daily basis and have therefore aligned our work to the regulations of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015.

Since 11.11.2019 we have an official certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015. Thus, we can assure our customers an internationally established quality standard.